Advocacy Talk Transcript – Raise Your Voice: An Evening of Advocacy with USGBC Texas

Why Not You? Why Not Now? Thanks for having me out tonight to spend a few minutes with you to talk about Advocacy and how a solutions driven approach can unite us in a political climate that’s become more partisan than ever before.When Anna told me that the group I...
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Generous Leaders Connect at a More Intimate Level

“My main goal has always been to offer the best of myself. We all grow - as a collective whole - when I’m able to build up others and help them grow as individuals.” Christopher Perilli, CEO, Pixel Mobb I have been working on writing short blog posts about the 22...
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It’s Okay to Turn Off But PLEASE Don’t Tune Out

Recently, I have seen a number of posts from people that I consider dear friends stating that they are either getting off of Facebook due to all of the political posts, or trying to unfollow all of the news and political sites. Yes, I know that most discussions on...
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Sustainability in Business – Much More Than Being “Green”

Next month, I will be hosting a panel discussion for the Lake Highlands Chamber of Commerce, “What Businesses Need to Know About Sustainability” with the intent of providing businesses an understanding of what sustainable business practices are and why they make...
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It’s Time for Paid Vacation and Holidays for All

Now that President Trump has signed into law a National Day of Patriotism (whatever that is - we shall soon see), It's also a good time to start a National conversation about it the fact that we don't require companies in the United States to provide any paid holidays...
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Speaking Appearances

DFW HubSpot Strategy Peer Group

Posted by DFW Hubspot Users Group on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dfw Inbound with Brian Hasenbauer

Posted by DFW Hubspot Users Group on Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Brian is an “early adopter” when it comes to new marketing tactics, techniques and strategies. He understands the importance of combining New Media like mobile, social and digital with that of traditional media. Brian is a pioneer in the integration of mobile, social and local into digital out-of-home. As technology becomes more and more entrenched in the marketing profession, people with Brian’s skill set will prove invaluable. I would highly recommend him for companies looking to increase their digital footprint in regards marketing.


Brian Teague

Chief Technology Evangelist , Pocketstop, LLC

Brian is a strategic thinker who has a creative approach to managing all of the marketing needs of a company. Brian is a great communicator and a forward thinker. He has an uncanny ability to multi-task, while giving each project he works on a superb focus. In the world of entertainment, media and social-media marketing, Brian is one of a kind!


Jonna Birgans

Vice President, Programming Strategy, ClearVision Digital Networks

Brian is the mastermind to direct advertisers to be able to reach customers via WiFi, website, television, digital board, social media, i.e., Twitter, Facebook, etc., and mobile.

Brian is one of the key strategic players to establish the company’s identity in the marketplace with advertising agencies, advertisers and QSR clients. Brian is a thoughtful, analytical and dedicated marketing executive that every Chief Executive should want on their staff.


Lee A. Blackwell

Chief Financial Officer, indoorDIRECT

The Advocate's Playbook

How to Get Involved, Take Action and Win!

Just like General George Washington and his ragtag colonial army defeated the British, you too can organize, plan and fight a grassroots style campaign for what you believe in and make your own revolution happen. And you can do it today, while working part time and do it right now and right here.

Are you ready? If so, where do we begin?

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