“My main goal has always been to offer the best of myself. We all grow – as a collective whole – when I’m able to build up others and help them grow as individuals.”
Christopher Perilli, CEO, Pixel Mobb

I have been working on writing short blog posts about the 22 Must-Have Leadership Qualities that were listed in the March 2016 Entrepreneur Magazine.  It’s taken me awhile (it’s been a year) but I’m getting to the end of the list. You can read past blog posts here.

#17 is Generosity and while the quote is not one of my favorites, it’s certainly one of the best qualities to have in a leader. Leaders that are generous are able to connect at a more intimate level with their teams and build stronger connections.  They have a lot to give in terms of knowledge, experience and even financial assets and they readily give it, without regard for their own benefit or asking what’s in it for them.

When first reading this, I wanted to simply replace the word “generosity” with “giving” and focus on the giving qualities that true leaders exhibit. But when you look at how leaders give of themselves, you can see that they truly exhibit generosity.  Because “giving” is also a synonym for generosity, you can use the words interchangeable if you like.  However, from what I can tell, generosity is a summation of giving in a number of ways.

Leaders that exhibit generosity are giving of their time to those that they lead.  They give of their time to special projects in the community where their expertise can be utilized.  They are giving at home to their families and most importantly, they give to themselves by self-care and staying mentally sharp and healthy.  They are simply generous.

The next Must Have Leadership Quality is #18 – Persistence.  After writing 17 of the 22 Must-Have Leadership Qualities, I’m starting to understand persistence a little more.   Hopefully, I can finish these in the next few weeks.




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