We recently had a fund raiser for the T4 Global Team that’s training for Leadville 100 mountain bike ride recently and I got to share my story about why  I decided to race Leadville and raise money for T4 Global.  I would like to say thanks to everyone that has donated so far and here is my story.

13 years ago I completed my last Ironman… The 2003 Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championship…. Soon after that I experienced a herniated disk in my back and lost interest in racing and training and began suffering on and off from depression.  I wasn’t myself during this time and lost interest in a lot of things and wasn’t really myself anymore.

This all changed one cold January morning in 2015 when I got a call from my wife.  She was over at the cycling center of Dallas and said that she was riding next to Neil Tomba, an old friend of mine, and he said that I should signup and do the triple bypass bike ride in Colorado.

120 miles,  10,000 feet of climbing , over 3 mountain passes.  One of which I recognized because one of them was the world famous Aspen ski resort… and all of this at elevation no less.  Well, let’s just say I needed a challenge and by the time the class was over I was signed up!

Now there was one thing Neil didn’t tell me.  He didn’t tell me he was riding on a team to help raise money for a local non profit – T4 Global.  After I heard about that and learned more about what T4 was trying to accomplish it made training easier and I had a great team to train with.  I actually started to feel like myself again and it felt great knowing I was doing this for a reason more than myself.

Without being overly dramatic…I truly believe training with the T4 team saved my life and made me the man and athlete that I used to be…yes I was a little slower and had a little more weight to drag around on the south loop but by getting back on the bike I felt like I did when I crossed the ironman finish line.

Like I could do anything!!

Well, let’s just say I really enjoyed the experience at the triple bypass and as an athlete you alway ask yourself, what’s next?

What can be harder and more challenging than riding your bike 120 miles and climbing 10,000 feet while at elevation?
Well, we found an answer to that.

The Leadville 100 mountain bike race that starts at 10,000 feet  and you suffer over 100 miles on a mountain bike covering 14,000 feet of climbing  and attempt to beat 12 hours…

Yes, 12 hours … On a mountain bike.. Literally riding up mountains.   All for a little belt buckle.

Since you can only get into the race by lottery or qualification, part of getting into the race for our team included raising money for a non-profit.
That’s why we are raising money for T4 Global.

None of the money we raise goes toward travel, team equipment etc. this isn’t a go fund me… This is purely to raise money and awareness of T4 Global…

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate any donations you can make to T4 Global to help support their efforts around the world.


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