Leadville is next Saturday, August 13th and it’s starting to seem more real than ever that I will soon be competing in one of the most challenging endurance events of my life.

You would think that someone that has finished 8 Ironman races (4 Hawaii Ironman) wouldn’t be very intimidated by much but that’s not the case. Knowing that I will be spending 10 + hours on a mountain bike next week, riding with about 2,000 of my new best friends through the rarified air of Colorado is both exciting and scary at the same time.

Reminder of Course Profile (going to put on my handlebars so I know where I am and what’s coming up – blurry below but printed well)


Before an event like this, there are so many unanswered questions: What will happen during the ride? How will my lungs react to the oxygen depleted air? How will I feel during the ride? What will the weather be like? How long will it take to finish? How much will I suffer?

These are questions that I won’t know the answers to until I get out there and give it my best. Everyone has been asking me, “How’s the training going?” My answer ever since coming back from Mena, AR a few weeks ago has been, “My body is ready and now I am preparing my mind”. I really don’t think you can ever do enough physical training to feel fully prepared for an event like this. At least that’s how I feel. I could have used another year of training at the same intensity to feel more comfortable with my training going into the race.

Now the mental training begins… for me, I think that the race will be as hard mentally as it is physical.

Here are a few videos I’ve watched recently and have had in my head this past week…. I know it’s going to be VERY difficult at points in the race and I’m telling myself that it’s okay to back off the intensity and just keep pedaling and moving forward. I have no real expectation for the race except to finish under 12 hours. Anything better than that is an unexpected surprise.

Before I start thinking about packing the car and heading off, I had one more thing I wanted to make sure I said. And that’s THANK YOU!!!!!

Thank you to everyone that help with my fundraising and supporting T4 Global.

Thank you to my wife and family for supporting me on my crazy training rides (like the 100-mile mountain bike ride in the middle of the night and the trip to Mena, AR).

Thank you to my training partners on T4 Global for pushing me to be my best.

Thank you to everyone at T4 Global for arranging this Epic Adventure.

Thank you to Mary and Brian Carey for helping with our stay in Colorado.

A special thanks to Neil Tomba for helping get me back on my bike and for being a shining light in my life that fills my heart and has helped me become a better Husband, father and follower of Jesus Christ.



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