Recently, I finished reading the book, The Carpenter: A Story About the Greatest Success Strategies of All, by Jon Gordon and wanted to share a little bit about what I learned and what I thought others might be interested in knowing about the book.  It was a very easy read and the entire book can be summarized easily in a few paragraphs.The main takeaway is to live your life and run your businesses based upon the following guiding principles:
Love, Care and Serve

They are each rather obvious when applied to be being a parent or a spouse, but when applied to business can be a little more challenging to grasp.  It’s not intuitive to relate the words love and care to a business, but throughout the book, it was reinforced that businesses that truly love what they do and care for their customers have more success and fulfillment.

Everyone can choose to love, serve and care and when they do they will become leaders of others. Not all leaders love, serve and care but all who love serve and care are leaders.

Another great takeaway that I had was this poem:

Love the struggle because it makes you appreciate your accomplishments.

Love challenges because they make you stronger.

Love competition because it makes you better.

Let negative people because they make you more positive.

Love those who have hurt you because they teach you forgiveness.

Love fear because it makes you courageous.

The secret to life and the greatest success strategy of all is to love all of it and fear none of it.

Hope you have a chance to read this one… I really enjoyed it and think you might to.


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