brianhasenbauerYesterday I spent the day with a new client helping them develop their marketing strategy for their new inbound marketing program.  These inbound planning days are filled with learning by those on both sides of the table, both the client and the consultant.  The client learns about SEO, Content Marketing, Social Strategy and Lead Generation while as the consultant I get to learn the inner workings of a new industry.

One of the reasons that I really enjoy working as an Inbound Marketing and Sales Consultant is that I have the opportunity to learn about various industries and help management not only develop their marketing strategy but implement it. My first job interview, some 20 years ago was with Annapolis Consulting in Annapolis, Maryland.  To this day it was the hardest interview I have ever had and the only job that I really wanted that I didn’t get.  Somehow even then I knew that being a management consultant was something I was born to do and recently after completing the Strength Finders learned that my strengths are all in the Strategy quadrant.  Currently I am working with clients in the following industries and learning a lot about these new industries every day:

  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Recruiting
  • Software
  • Transportation

Being the head strategist and lead consultant for this wide range of clients across various industries has certainly been exciting and has helped me to become a better businessman and be able to carry these learnings from one client to the next. Knowing myself, focusing on one industry for too long would be too stifling, whereas working with different clients and industries each day helps make the job fresh each day and keep my mind sharp.


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