f2e36ef1Today is December 6, 2016.  Tomorrow, 75 years ago, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and killed 2,117 Americans.  It is a day that lives in infamy and a day that we, as Americans should never forget.

Every few years, I watch the 1980 movie, The Final Countdown, where the USS Nimitz goes back in time to December 6, 1941 and the crew must make the decision to engage the Japanese carrier attack group and prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor or to let history play out. I won’t tell you what happens in the movie, but I did want to say something about how today’s choices and decisions affect tomorrow for ourselves and our Nation.

Today’s Choices Affect Your Life Tomorrow

Each day that we are blessed by God to be able to wake up to a new day, provides us a chance to make many choices that not only impact today but tomorrow and the tomorrow after.  Just as the crew of the USS Nimitz could have stopped the attack on Pearl Harbor and saved thousands of lives, you to have the power to make choices today that impact your life tomorrow.  What you do with your time, what you eat, what you drink, whether you get behind the wheel after drinking or deciding to put a gun in your hand and not wake up tomorrow are all choices that can either dramatically or subtlely change your life’s trajectory and the lives of those around you.  Each day, you make simple and not so simple choices that put your life on a trajectory.  The trajectory for some is downward and for some, hopefully you, upwards.

Inflection Points and Choices Today

Our country faces similar choices, do we save for tomorrow or spend for today? Do we begin to pay down our $20 Trillion National Debt today or continue to spend freely? Do we make the choice to become the leader in renewal energy and move away from fossil fuels or do we continue to ignore climate change? Do we continue to allow corporations and special interest to control politics in the United States or do we make a change?

Small changes today, can make a major impact over time.  These changes that are made today can impact your entire life and can become inflection points or a turning point in your life. Deciding to quit smoking or deciding to start a workout routine today can add years to your life and make you a healthier, happy person and lead to better prospects for your future. Deciding to do the opposite and binging on alcohol and sitting on the couch and eating Cheetos can send you in the opposite direction.

No, we can’t go back in time and stop Pearl Harbor or stop someone from committing suicide.  But what we can do and do have control over is our actions today.  What you do today, what choices you make today is what determines tomorrow.

If you are depressed, thinking of suicide or feel that tomorrow isn’t worth living…. stop right now and call a friend, a family member or someone in your clergy because the sun will rise tomorrow for you and for our Nation but only if we make the right decision today.  Because today is all we have and over the days, years and decades our future is written.  What will your choices and our Nation’s choices today say about yours and our Nation’s future tomorrow?  Carpe Diem!


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