Are You Making Every EffortFrom what I can tell regarding taking notes, there are “note takers” and then there is me.  I’m not an obsessive note taker like some people I know who try to act as a dictaphone, writing down every word a speaker says.  You can probably remember that person from college who during a lecture seemed like they were doing more writing than listening.  I guess in 2016 when it concerns listening to lecturers in a classroom environment, you have to assume most are typing all of the notes into their laptop. I have always wondered if taking note is more of a distraction than it’s worth but that’s another blog post.

Recently, during a sermon in church on growing from 2 Peter 1:1-11, I did take a few notes. It was actually just one sentence, a question. It was very simple but it’s something that’s been stuck in my head since Sunday and here it is:


This wasn’t a major part of the sermon, and quite honestly, I can’t even remember the context in relation to what was being said.  But what I do remember is how much of an impact this simple question had on me.  As a consultant that helps companies improve their sales and marketing performances, this simple question is a wonderful diagnostic question to learn how vested and how much effort someone is currently putting into solving a problem or trying to overcome a challenge. This simple question, ARE YOU MAKING EVERY EFFORT?, can and should be asked by yourself or others, to help come to an understanding of the efforts someone is going through to accomplish something or reach a goal.

If your answer to this question starts with anything but the answer, “YES!”, you are apparently not doing enough.  You are not trying hard enough… not focusing on it enough or not putting enough resources into solving it.

Yes, it’s a simple question but when you truly ask yourself or someone else, “Are you making every effort?” it will give you a precise answer and serves as an impactful assessment as to where the person or organization is with in trying to change or solve their problem.

And the answer must be an enthusiastic, “YES, I’M MAKING EVERY EFFORT!” Anything less, shows a lack of enthusiasm and commitment.

Try it out, the next time you or your organization are facing a problem, have a challenge or want to change something in your life. Ask yourself, “ARE YOU MAKING EVERY EFFORT?”  Because chances are, if you are still dealing with the same situation or challenge in a week, a month or a year from now, you certainly are not making every effort or you would have succeeded by now.

Even if your goal or challenge is in the distant future, asking yourself today, “ARE YOU MAKING EVERY EFFORT?” can ensure that you are doing the right things today, to accomplish what you want in the future.  Anything less, is cheating yourself and not living up to your potential and your efforts are sure to fall short.



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