Now that President Trump has signed into law a National Day of Patriotism (whatever that is – we shall soon see), It’s also a good time to start a National conversation about it the fact that we don’t require companies in the United States to provide any paid holidays or vacation pay.  After all, the United Sates has fewer holidays than any other industrialized nation.


And while we are on that subject of a new National Day of Patriotism… maybe it’s time to take a look at the fact that we don’t require companies to provide any paid holidays or vacation pay.  Only Federal Government workers get paid holidays and companies aren’t required to provide any vacation time off at all.  It is true that 77% of employers offer paid time off and paid holidays to workers but what about that other 23% that tends to at the lower end of the pay spectrum?  Don’t they deserve time off as well?

new report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a Washington think-tank concluded that “The United States is the only advanced economy that does not guarantee its workers any paid vacation time and is one of only a few rich countries that does not require employers to offer at least some paid holidays.”

Even when you add up the total number of paid vacation and holidays private-sector workers get in the U.S. — 16 days, it still falls short of the minimum paid time off guaranteed to employees in the 19 other wealthy countries examined in the study.  Maybe it’s time for a change in the way we treat our non-federal workers.



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