Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 1.20.44 PMAs more CEOs and executives embrace social media as a way of connecting with stakeholders in their companies and expressing their views on a multitude of topics, it has become increasingly important to make sure that someone is either reviewing your social media posts or posting them for you. Why? Well, mistakes do happen and even the best intended tweets or posts can have typos, bad links or worse.

Below is an example of a few gaffes that Donald Trump made on Twitter within a 24 hour period and was brought to the public’s attention by Marco Rubio at a campaign stop. The fact that Donald Trump tweets a lot and tweets for himself leaves him prone to make mistakes.  Everyone, regardless of how careful you are being makes the occasional typo or misspelling.  If you look through this article or my blog you are going to find a few things that are incorrect and could be called to my attention.

The important thing to note is that many social media platforms, including Twitter, don’t have a native spell checker that shows you mistakes as you type.  For those that want to have a fail safe for spelling errors it’s best if you type your posts / tweets in a word processor that has an automated spell checker and then copy into your social media platform before posting.

For busy executives, it might seem a little old fashioned to write out your tweets in a MS Word or some other word processing program and then give it to someone to post but by having an extra set of eyes (and a spell checker) involved it can help reduce errors and typos.

Now the good news… social media is a pretty casual form of communication.  So even if you do have the occasional typo or broken link, you shouldn’t lose sleep over it or lose your job over it.  Most people understand that mistakes happen and no one should lose a job (or an election in this case) over a typo.   Yes, it’s funny to make fun of your competition’s typos and social media mistakes, but in the long run it probably won’t damage a company’s or your brand too much if you have an occasional social media misstep.

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